Aelf (ELF)

CryptoAelf (ELF)

AELF has a price of $ 0.147944 with a marketcap of $ 68.21 M. It ranks number 321 of all cryptocurrencies.

Aelf (ELF) calls itself a blockchain operating system. What we know as Linux (a kind of programmer-friendly version of Microsoft) for computers, Aelf wants to become for blockchain technology.

The issues they address:

The operating systems we know today, such as Android and MacOS, do not yet support decentralized applications (dApps). Blockchain technology runs into scalability problems .A blockchain application can work for one industry, but it needs some adjustments for the other industry.

They want every application to be customizable per industry or even per individual To provide a solution to these problems, Aelf provides a unique operating system on which dApps can run, as well as side chains so that the blockchain can scale.

$ 0.147944

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