Golem (GNT)

CryptoGolem (GNT)

Golem has a price of $ 0.0000000008 with a marketcap of $ 22.09 K. It ranks number 3579 of all cryptocurrencies.

Golem is a global, open-source, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can use. The network consists of the combined power of laptops to complete data centers.

Using the Golem ecosystem, you can lend your computer’s reserves to others who need extra computing power to perform complex calculations and tasks. Anyone can use Golem to run almost any program you can think of, from graphic design programs to artificial intelligence research. This is all done in a completely decentralized and relatively inexpensive way.

The Golem network is a decentralized sharing economy of computing power, where anyone can earn money by renting their computing power or by developing and selling software. You can compare Golem with Uber and Airbnb. They also provide a great way to earn some extra money from your unused and / or underused resources. Users of these types of applications can make use of the services offered in an affordable and reliable way.

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