CryptoHEX (HEX)

HEX is like Bitcoin with a proof of work change. BTC and HEX are analogous. Bitcoin and HEX are peer to peer networks that store and transmit value. In Bitcoin, miners buy mining hardware and electricity from companies. In HEX miners buy HEX from other HEX holders then use time to mine. HEX is Proof of Wait instead of Proof of Work.

By locking any amount of HEX you choose for a period of time between 1 and 5555 days, you “stake” your deposit and gain interest every single day. The average APY is over 40% while traditional bank CDs average less than 2%. 

No central entity, bureaucracy, or overhead, and no bonuses awarded to anyone besides users who stake HEX. As a simple to use, high interest investment tool, HEX makes you the bank.

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