Internet Computer (ICP)

CryptoInternet Computer (ICP)

Internet Computer has a price of $ 5.50 with a marketcap of $ 1.33 B. It ranks number 43 of all cryptocurrencies.

Internet Computer was composed way back in 2008, but launched in May 2021. The non profit organisation behind Internet Computer, Dfinity, was formed in 2016. Development on ICP started in 2017.

The Internet Computer allows blockchain entrepreneurs or developers to deploy a decentralized applications, pan-industry platforms, decentralized finance, NFTs, as well as traditional enterprise systems and websites, running end-to-end on a public blockchain, without the need for centralized cloud services such as AWS, which is commonly used in legacy blockchains.

DFINITY aims to reduce the costs of cloud services by creating a decentralized “internet computer” which launched in 2021 (first announced to launch in 2018).

internet-computerInternet Computer
$ 5.50

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