Kromatika (KROM)

CryptoKromatika (KROM)

Kromatika has a price of $ 0.048757 with a marketcap of $ 4.02 M. It ranks number 1190 of all cryptocurrencies.

KROM token is a utility token and it is used as a fee token for Kromatika DEX swaps. It’s a non-mintable ERC20 token, deployed on Ethereum, secured by OpenZepellin and audited by MythX, having a 100 millions of total supply EVER. For better security and prevention from rug pulls hacks, the proof of liquidity (position) has been burned. 

The majority of the token is in the community hands forever. The rest of the tokens: 20 millions KROM tokens will be held in a multisignature Gnosis Safe wallet and used solely for project funding.

After connecting your MetaMask wallet and you have some KROM in your address you are ready to go. The swap interface is as straightforward as swapping on Uniswap, but with our added limit order field. Use this to set your limit orders for your trades and click SWAP. When the market has the conditions for your trades, Kromatika DEX will execute your trades automatically. You need to come back and manually claim your swaps. When there are multiple swaps to claim, you can use the batch feature to get them all in one transaction.

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